Empower Your Morning Routine In 17 Simple Ways

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Have you ever noticed that how you feel when you wake up in the morning affects the rest of your day? If you sleep well, you wake up fresh, and the rest of your day automatically becomes fun.

a woman stretching However, if you wake up tired or drowsy in the morning, you will find yourself feeling low the entire day.

Therefore, you must wake up feeling happy and energetic, excited to start a new day! So, what should you do to empower your morning routine?

Here are 17 ways in which you can energize your mornings, boost your energy, and prepare to start fresh every day.

17 Ways to Empower Your Morning Routine

1. Fix a time to wake up

If you wake up late one day and early the next, you disturb your sleep cycle. Your body gets used to sleeping more, and waking up early leaves you sleep-deprived and tired.

Similarly, waking up early for a few days and then sleeping in till noon will also leave you feeling lethargic. You will wake up with a puffy face and a fuzzy feeling in your head.

Therefore, a great way to start your day is to wake up at the same time every single day. This will not only help you feel fresh physically and mentally, but it will also give you a sense of routine and help you plan out your day better!

2. Hydrate yourself

Having slept the entire night, your body is dehydrated in the morning. It is good practice to drink a glass of water in the morning, right after you wake up.

juice The water helps replenish your body and energize it for the day by flushing toxins out of your body.

Tip: You can also add a drop of lemon or two to your water as it’s healthy.

3. Avoid technology

Each one of us feels the urge to connect with the world as soon as we wake up. “Do I have any texts?” and “I should check my Instagram” are very common thoughts. However, it is best not to give in to such temptations.

We often start our day by looking at our phones and end up spending abnormally long periods while staring at photos, memes, and posts.

The rays from your phone are very harmful to your eyes, and the very act of staring at your phone for too long leaves your brain feeling more tired and fuzzy. Thus, this activity is quite the opposite of energizing yourself for the day.

4. Recall your dreams

When you wake up, you often find yourself confused when you are unable to remember your dreams. It was right there! You know you were dreaming. It is within your grasp, but you still cannot clearly remember.

So, a great way to feel fresh and active in the morning is to take a few minutes and recall what you dreamt about.

When you wake up, try to clear your mind. Close your eyes and focus on what you were dreaming about. You might remember instantly, or not at all. And you might realize that you did not dream at all last night. Or maybe, you had multiple dreams.

By doing so, you, in a way, activate your brain and make an effort to use it. This boosts your mind, and hence, you feel energized as you think clearly and focus on something specific.

It is a form of meditation to focus on a particular thought, and it is fun and satisfying to remember your dreams too!

5. Set goals for the day

Think of what you want to do during the day and list goals or milestones you want to achieve.

6. Be flexible

While setting goals is important, do not be hard on yourself if you cannot finish everything you planned. Instead, be flexible and plan things, but give yourself room to change your mind later.

7. Stretch

Exercise is a great way to start the day because it allows blood to flow through your body. This replenishes your cells and helps you feel fresh and active.

8. Turn off your phone alerts

Continuous alerts on your phone disturb you in your sleep. So, turn off your notifications to ensure you sleep peacefully.

9. Read

If you like to read, it is helpful to start your day with some light reading. Maybe, read the news or an article to kickstart your brain and prepare it for the day!

reading10. Journal

Another way that is gaining popularity is to journal every morning. This does not have to be extensive. In fact, you can simply write down how you feel or what you plan to do during the day.

This also helps shape your thoughts better and have a more organized day.

11. Drink up

While water should come first, you should also take more drinks in the morning. Some great options include your favorite sources of caffeine, such as coffee and tea, for they give you some extra energy.

Moreover, fresh fruit juices and smoothies are also a very refreshing way to start the day.

12. Get ready

A smart way to tell your body it is time to wake up is to change and get ready. A shower is one perfect way to do this, but even when you do not feel like taking a shower, you should brush your teeth, wash your face with cold water, and put on clean clothes.

13. Gratitude

When you wake up, make a conscious effort to feel gratitude. Think of the things you are grateful for. This positive mindset helps you feel positive and happy during the rest of the day.

14. Meditate

Meditation is very helpful in rejuvenating your body and mind as well as feeling peaceful. Take 10 minutes in the morning to meditate.

There are 100s of different meditations. Pick the ones you like the most and have some fun!

15. Go for a walk

Like exercise, a walk also activates your brain. You also get to come close to nature and maybe socialize with people while you are at it.

16. Make your bed

Making your bed cleans your room for the day and makes you feel good, as it is the first productive thing you do that day.

17. Cook breakfast

Another productive activity is to make your breakfast. Moreover, you get to start your day with the breakfast of your choice. That should make you feel good for sure!

foodBottom Line

To have a great day, you need to have a great start in the morning. Follow the 17 different ways mentioned above to energize yourself every morning and have a happy, active day.

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