Top Home Workout Programs – Get yourself in shape!

Have you been wanting to get into shape but can’t find any room in your busy schedule? Are you stuck at home due to the closing of your favorite gyms as a result of the pandemic?

Look no further for a way out of your frustration!

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Home workouts get a bad rap for being inadequate. People find it easy to put them off by saying that one doesn’t get the same motivation at home, there is no proper equipment, etc.

Don’t let these ideas fool you. Home workouts go a long way in helping you meet your perfect body goals!

But how is that even possible? How can you get into shape without any equipment?

It turns out that the right home workout programs use bodyweight exercises to strain your muscles. And trust us, these exercises are far from a walk in the park, so you’ll break a sweat in no time!

Read on to explore the top home workout programs out there and pick the one that suits you.

Why invest in home workout programs?

Working out is not just about looking good. It’s also about keeping your body healthy so that you stay on your feet when you’re old.

Home workouts hit the perfect balance between staying in shape and having enough time for your exhausting to-do lists every day.

Moreover, you will save plenty of time by not commuting to the gym. You can follow your schedule, and do you know the best part? You won’t have to wait for equipment to get free to use it!

And don’t get us wrong! You can still purchase some essential equipment to supplement your bodyweight excursions.

That’s what makes home workout programs so good. You can choose to invest in equipment if you’re serious about having a gym replica, but you can still stick to bodyweight exercises if your wallet is a little tight.

I’m both cases, you’ll be feeling your best ahead of the summer!

The top home workout programs below have been hand-picked for their rigor and suitability for a wide range of goals. Find your fit now!

1. The Sculpt Society

Cardio has always been at the forefront of most home workouts, and there’s a good reason for that. When combined with toning exercises, cardio helps you lose excess fat and sculpt your body to perfection!

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Sculpt Society is one of the best workout programs for women because of its emphasis on a wide variety of home workouts. You’ll find:

  • Dance cardio that’s both fun for you and effective in toning your body. Get in the groove with your favorite jams and break some sweat!
  • Sculpt exercises incorporated into your explosive cardio workouts to ensure that you’re burning fat and shaping your body as per your desire.
  • Yoga + Meditation videos that offer a sidestep into a calmer home workout experience. Don’t worry, for you will still be strengthening your joints and ligaments while relaxing your mind – all from the comfort of your home.
  • Pre and post-natal exercises: A pregnancy doesn’t have to signal the end of your sculpting goals. With hand-tailored workout videos, you’ll stay in shape during and after your pregnancy.

Additionally, this program comes with an app so you can keep up with your workout routine while you’re traveling.

What’s more? It has the best home workout videos of different lengths so that you can choose the right one according to your schedule.

2. POPSUGAR Fitness

You’ve already saved on the gym membership. What if I told you that you could save on the equipment and paying for a home workout program?

Cue: POPSUGAR Fitness!

It offers free online workout videos on Youtube and has an overwhelming variety of classes so that you can choose the one that you’re vibing with! These include cardio, sculpting, strength, and HIIT workouts.

stay fit at home

After all, working out is all about getting yourself energized. POPSUGAR Fitness does just that! Its trainers are energetic, and the videos are very interactive so that you enjoy following along!

A gripe with many free home workout programs is that the instructors are untrained. You don’t need to be concerned about this with POPSUGAR, which has a popular online team of some of the most experienced trainers out there!

3. Crush60

Are you looking for a comprehensive weight-training home workout that is just as thorough as your gym routine? Crush60 has you covered!

It’s a one-time purchase that comes with a progress worksheet so that you stay committed to its 60-day guide.

home workout

If you’ve never weight-trained before, this is your chance to try it out!

With Crush60, you simply choose the weights you can handle and proceed through detailed home workouts by looking at hand-drawn illustrations.

Unlike many other workout programs, this one comes with lifetime access to a nutrition guide. This is more important than you may consider at first because the key to a toned body has a lot to do with what you eat.

4. Peloton

Last but not least, Peloton is an all-rounder home workout program.

With so much variety, it’s hard to get bored on the Peloton app. It’s cheap too, and unlike the others on our list, it has a free one month trial from the get-go.


This is what you get from the top home workout app on the internet:

  • 10+ workout types, including strength, yoga, outdoor running, stretching, cycling, bootcamp, meditation, and running.
  • On-demand streaming of the best workout videos across these categories
  • Advanced metrics to track your progress – works with Apple Watch too!
  • Take your home treadmill and cycling workouts to the next level with amazing soundtracks to keep you in the mood!

So go ahead, pick your style, and sculpt some summer tone with one of the top workout programs on the internet!


Getting into shape doesn’t have to involve waking up at 4 am to go to the gym before work. Nor should it be put on the back burner while the COVID pandemic rages.

With the right workout videos, you can follow along at your pace and work towards your own goals.

If you want to find more about the top home workout programs on the internet, check out this website or this link for more information.

Stay fit!

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